WizWare Computers understands that taking one computer and connecting it to another computer or many other computers or even just to the Internet can be a confusing and complex task.

Our staff is highly experienced in establishing and maintaining networks from two computers and a phone line to an entire company's global network.

With wireless networking, you have the added advantage of connecting multiple computers, including your desktop(s) and/or laptop(s), to the internet without the restrictions of wires and cables. Take your laptop on your deck and enjoy the weather instead of being tied-down to a desk.

"WizWare Technologies is one of the most knowledgeable, professional computer companies I have ever worked with. When it comes to customer service they have it down, I always get a response in a timely manner and make sure the job is done correctly and to our satisfaction. Thanks for making the world of computers so much easier!"
-Dana Ackerman
Dana Ackerman Consulting LLC -- Consultant for Conceptions Women's Health & Fertility Specialists
Littleton, CO

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